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I am happy to respond to questions about my research, or more broadly, about anthropological genetics, epigenetics, and/or embodiment.  

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Selected Academic and Public Science Talks

The following set of invited talks are ones that have been recorded or livestreamed from various conferences. While it is not a complete representation of my work, these talks convey many of the issues I think about and write about. More coming soon.

"Little Green Men, Huge Angry People, and Across the Water Visits: Very Wrong Things People Say about Old Times in the New World."

My public science #SciComm talk, co-authored with Jennifer A. Raff, for the UpGoer5 AAPA Edition Special Symposium at the 2017 annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. In this five minute presentation, we could only use the 1000 most common words in the English Language to communicate to the public about our science without using any technical jargon. Jenny and I chose to use this forum to debunk racist myths and fringe science around the peopling of the Americas. And we had some laughs along the way. If you'd like to try communicating your science in this format, you can use the UpGoer5 Text editor.


"In Cold Blood: Scientific Silence and the Constitution of an Indigenous Past"

My talk at the 2015 AAA Executive Session "Identity, Belonging, and the Biopolitics of DNA in Colonial Modernity", co-organized by myself and Deborah A. Bolnick. In this talk I discuss how genetic science has focused overwhelmingly on the earliest population histories in the Americas, with less focus on the events of settler colonialism. By re-analyzing a frozen blood collection, Deborah and I show how genetic science has shaped certain knowledges of indigenous bodies and histories, to the exclusion of others.