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I am happy to respond to questions about my research, or more broadly, about anthropological genetics, epigenetics, and/or embodiment.  

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Media Coverage

Features in popular science magazines, blogs, and radio broadcasts

BIOarchaeology of Violence - WARI EMPIRE

[Science Magazine] - Covering  our panel on "Bioarchaeology of War" at 9th World Mummy Congress, Lima, Peru.


OVERVIEW: an introduction to the emerging field of paleoepigenetics, featuring some of my ongoing research.

[Nautilus Magazine]

COVERAGE OF ARTICLE: Smith RWA, Monroe C, and Bolnick DA. 2015. Detection of Cytosine Methylation in Ancient DNA from Five Native American Populations Using Bisulfite Sequencing. PLoS ONE 10(5): e0125344.

[PNAS Blog] - [Archaeology Magazine] - [Science Daily] - [] - [HuffPo Science] - [United Press International]

[New Historian] - [University of Texas

COVERAGE OF AAPA PRESENTATION: Smith RWA, and Bolnick DA. 2013. Analysis of cytosine methylation in Native American ancient DNA.  American Association of Physical Anthropology Annual Meeting.  April, Knoxville, TN.

[New Scientist] - [Genome Web]


Native America Calling. November 14, 2014. “Epigenetics”.  [Listen Here]